Planned projects

Below are some projects I have planned, some more abstract than others

  • A summer weight jacket, with lining. Yes, I still need to make this. Despite having a pattern, fabric and buttons waiting for me for over a year, I have yet to take this on. It’s now top of mind again though as my move to the east bay has me riding BART (the subway) to work and in the summer, my bare legs occasionally touch the filthy fabric public transit seats and I kind of die inside. I’m not a huge germaphobe, but the idea of someone’s* dried pee or fecal matter touching my thighs is too much. I imagine that’s too much for most people.
  • Various tropical vacation wear for the upcoming Tiki Oasis. Oh, this? Yes, done!
*I’d specify that it’s usually a hobo or mentally ill person, but that’s sadly not the only demographic contributing to the human detritus on BART.