When I was 10 years old, my granny was taking my measurements for a pair of pants she was making me and she stopped and said, “You’re gonna be built just like me — short and all hips and boobs. You better learn to sew.”

Well, my granny was right. I’m a statuesque 4'11&#34 @ 40-32-44, so until someone opens up a store called “The Busty Midget,” I’ll be making my own clothes. If I didn’t know how to sew, I don’t know what I’d wear. I’m also a fan of vintage clothing — something I probably also owe to my granny — so I primarily sew from vintage patterns or drafting patterns off old dresses. I’m self-taught and a resourceful hack, but I’m trying to learn how to follow directions and do things correctly more often. My granny gave me her measurements and love of sewing, but she also gave me her dislike of following directions.

My sewing sensibilities skew towards the practical and unglamorous. I seldom buy fabric more than $9 a yard and I’ve never made a non-wearable muslin. I mostly sew every day clothes, house dresses and clothes for work. I’m not a fancy lady and nearly all my projects are daily wear items. I occasionally sew for my husband, too.