Oh, we’re going to a Hukilau

After tossing around the idea for the past few years, we have finally managed to get our act together to go to the Tiki Oasis weekend in San Diego. I am really excited. Not least of which because it’s a legitimate vacation, which we haven’t be able to take in almost two years, but also because it gives us an excuse to wear our matching Hawaiian vacation wear.

I’ve gotta make some alterations to that blue one though. It’s about 4 sizes too large for me — and being a muumuu to begin with — it was really doing me no favors. I’ve been thinking about reworking it into a different kind of dress all together, but the preservationist in me has a hard time changing a vintage dress so drastically. Then again, as long as I am reworking it in a period-accurate style, maybe it’s not so sacrilegious? I don’t know. Maybe less sacrilegious, but still pretty reprehensible. The red muumuu I hemmed by 4 inches and made the extra fabric into a belt, which helps make it less tent-like without completely changing the original dress.

I also have this dress which I made several years ago (I’m the short blonde one in case that wasn’t obvious). It’s reproduction rayon fabric and had I known at the time that it would be nearly impossible to find anything like this ever again, I would have bought the whole bolt, in every color.

I’m contemplating making some more matched sets for Joey and I, but he’s not a huge fan of Hawaiian shirts, so that seems a bit of a waste. I have an early 50s house dress that was made in Hawaiian print (definitely a home sewn item) that is also about 4 sizes too big for me (what is it with all these muu muus being, well, muu muus?). That one I’m pretty sure I will rework as I’ve already half-gutted it and it was made in a style I would wear, it’s just too big.

I also have this fabric sitting in my stash which I haven’t figured out what to do with.

It would be absolutely perfect for a pake muu, but I just can’t see myself wearing one of those. As much as I love them, I think it might swallow-up all 4’11” of me. Plus, I’ve now held onto the fabric for so long, I’m afraid to cut into it. And it’s pink. There are few colors I look worse in than pink. Hmmm, so maybe I shouldn’t sweat it? Just make something and if it works out, cool. If not, one less reason to wear pink.

All fabric ennui and angst aside, I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Ever since we gave up on Viva Las Vegas after it became overrun with douchebags, we’ve missed having these big weekenders to go to every year. There is something uniquely fun about going to an event with a whole bunch of people who are just as enthusiastic about the same strange thing as you are. And I’ll get to see San Diego finally. I am already planning our pilgrimage to the Hotel del Coronado.


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