You are no Don Draper, Eddie Cibrian

The upfronts are this week which means we got to see previews of next season’s TV shows (two of my coworkers are down there getting to meet the kids from Glee and other envious/ridiculous things like that).

Both NBC and ABC have shows taking place in the swingin’ heyday of the early 60s. As transparent as their attempts are at piggy-backing on Mad Men’s success, I’m excited to see more mid-century shows on TV. Yes, even if they star Lifetime movie juggernaut, Eddie Cibrian, doing such a blatant and failing impersonation of Don Draper it goes right past bad into good again. But not good in a good way.

While neither look anywhere near as well-done as Mad Men, Pan Am looks like it might be more promising of the two (even if I take Eddie Cibrian out of the equation). Which is a shame, as the subject matter of The Playboy Club is certainly compelling. Though it looks like they went for more of a “modern Playboy” appeal and less the Gloria Steinem route. Not surprising, but disappointing nonetheless.

I could say a great deal more about how both these shows have latched onto two interesting careers that opened up for women in the 60s, and yet seem to completely be missing the point about those roles in society, but I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ll be watching though, always ready to be pleasantly surprised.

Pan Am

The Playboy Club

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