I’ll never forget the little people

Finally, a new outfit! I’ve been waiting to post about this project until I had a chance to give it to the recipient, lest I spoil the surprise. No, this isn’t a new outfit for me, as much as I love the citrus-themed fabric. As short as I am, this is altogether too small even for midgety me.

My friends Parker and Rita are about to have a little girl and as far as I’m concerned, every child should come into this world with some one-of-a-kind items in their wardrobe. My Granny and great aunt made tons of clothes for my sister and I when we were little, and sure, some were a bit dated and ridiculous, but many of the outfits were so much fun and made me feel a bit fancy knowing it had been made just for me. Of course, little Rita Jr. won’t have any idea this outfit wasn’t off-the-rack at Target, but that doesn’t stop me from delighting in making tiny lounge wear for the tiny lady.

I made this from some contemporary Burda pattern of which I can’t recall the number. I seldom sew from modern patterns so I’m kind of drawing a blank on this one. I just looked for the least awful pattern in the pattern book. I liked that it had little ties at the shoulder, which I faced with green fabric for a little extra flair. Babies need flair. The ties make for cute bows and also allows for fitting adjustments. All in all, I think it turned out rather cute, like something Gidget might wear.

Modern children’s clothing patterns are almost as horrible as men’s patterns. There always seem to be five variations on a shirt — or vests! There is always a vest pattern for some reason. And for the chilluns they always have a dress, short pants and some kind of jumper. Of course, they also offer various accessories like ruffled sun hats and absurd fabric-covered scrunchies to stick on your bald baby’s head — God forbid anyone think you are dressing your son in a frilly dress. “No, she a girl, see! The headband. Totes a lady.”

Anyhow, here’s a close-up of the fabric print. Lemons, limes and candy-dot!


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