The motherf@$#%ing sun will come out tomorrow

I’m having one of those days where nothing is going right. Can I blame the super moon for this? Because it’s almost to the point of ridiculous.

I started this dress (Simplicity 2886) last weekend, but didn’t get past cutting out the pieces. I tried to motivate this last weekend to finish it, but didn’t find the inspiration until around 4PM on Sunday. All things considered, it went fairly well, but I must have been rushing it because I got a bit over-zealous with the waist pleats and made the damn thing too tight. It would barely zip up last night and the back was all poofy. I went to sleep in total defeat, tossing and turning, trying to think of ways to salvage it.

When morning came, I tried it on again and was happy to find it fit better that it had last night (over-zealous cookie consumption from the night before may have been an issue) and I think it might be salvageable now.  We’ll see how that goes.

Awkward self-portrait due to sick husband unable to operate camera.

I also tried to mend a rip in my winter coat. The pocket seam had come out and by the time I had a chance to fix it, the fabric itself had actually torn. Uhg.

I knew there wasn’t going to be a way I could make it completely disappear, but made a few short  mattress stitches (sort-of) along the length of the rip and I am now left with a passable seam and pucker in place of the rip. Win?

I’ll call it a win.

Meanwhile, I checked the weather.


And checked my email. More fires to put out in an already busy day. No idea how I’ll finish everything, but I will.

Then my poor sick husband drove me down to the bus stop, only to find I had missed both my usual buses. The last bus finally came, which I now sit on, writing this while trying not to vomit or fall on the floor because, of course, the driver is a maniac.

Thank god it’s a short week and we have a vacation at the end of it. Now I just gotta make it through.

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