Movie Style: Spin and Marty

Ok, so Spin and Marty isn’t really a movie, but since you can only watch it on DVDs nowadays, I feel like it falls into this category. Besides, is anyone really gonna bust my balls over calling Spin and Marty a movie? (ok, maybe you, Cousin Robert, but I need someone to keep me honest).

In honor of Guy Week over at Male Pattern Boldness, and the fact that I spent my weekend designing a wedding invitation and not sewing, I am highlighting the sartorial wonder of The Adventures of Spin and Marty. Teenage boys causing a ruckus in western wear. What’s not to love?

I first started watching Spin and Marty when I was about 11 — back when The Disney Channel was new and mostly showed old Disney movies and programming. This is how a little girl born in the 70s fell in love with a cowboy from the 50s. I was always falling in love with people who were probably dead or well on their way. Spin Evans was just about the greatest thing I’d ever seen. Forever young, Spin.

Spin and Marty was a serial shown during The Mickey Mouse Club. While I could really give two shits about Annette, I did tune in religiously to see what was going with the boys at the Triple R. It was about a summer camp for boys where they learned things like roping’ cattle, taming a wild mustang and that sometimes whiny douchebags can turn out to be a great friend.

They start off introducing us to all the boys and their parents, tearfully or comically saying goodbye at their cars. They seemed to take great pains to make sure all archetypes were covered.

The whimpering mama’s boy.

The socially retarded ectomorph. I’m sure we can blame his father’s weak chin for all his troubles. Mom seems alright though. Maybe she’s overbearing?

The confident and vaguely urban older boy who rolls his sleeves and seems uninterested in his mother’s concern.

Then there’s the rest of the boys.

Check out the hats. That’s Spin in the center with the flat-top straw cowboy hat. The other cowboy hat in this photo is covering some dreamboat hair, but you’ll see that later. Is that a sailor’s cap worn like a baseball hat of sorts? I think it is. Not sure I like the look, but I give him points for resourcefulness.

Here’s a front shot. Dig the chevron striped yoke front shirt on the guy in the middle. And I was kind of shocked when I saw the wardrobe mistake there on Spin. Disney may have spent years getting Annette to cover her navel, but I guess they kind of slacked on the job of hiding Spin’s gut. That’s a pretty nice dark denim jacket he’s wearing though.

Then there’s Bill Burnett and Col. Logan, the head counselor and owner, respectively. I love that this is casual attire for the both of them. They are gentlemen of the pony.

Oh, and let’s not forget Ollie. The wacky ranch hand who seems to regard the boys with both amusement and contempt. Here he is jumping in to help Spin out of a jam.

Wait a minute, Ollie. What the hell is going on here? Jesus Christ, I don’t remember seeing any of this when I was a kid. (Incidentally, I think I have the exact same boots as Spin. I didn’t even plan that. See, we’re meant for each other.)

Ollie’s eyebrows were out of control as well. As were his grooming habits.

On the other side of grooming and dressing habits, we have young Master Martin (aka Marty). When he first shows up at the Triple R, he’s an out of touch snob, sheltered by his overbearing grandmother. But quite a natty dresser.

I’m not sure about his shoe choice, but the tweed suit, bow-tie and jaunty hat are quite sharp. Maybe not the best choice for dude ranch though. The other boys think Marty is a bit of a blowhard. Even his snappy little ticket pocket didn’t impress them. I’m impressed, Marty. Nice job.

A coworker of mine came to work in a jacket very similar to this recently. He had it custom made for him in Cambodia and it was freakin’ beautiful. He said he went in to the shop with a picture of Cary Grant and said, “Make me a jacket like he would wear.” I kind of love that.

At dinner that evening, we get a few close-up shots of some of the hairdos. First we have Dreamboat here. Check out the swoopy curls. Nicely done.

Then this poor kid introduces himself.

Wow, what is this all about? This looks like some kind of flat top gone wrong. Does anyone know what this was called? I feel like I’ve seen it in an old barber’s diagram once upon a time. Or maybe I’m just thinking of Soo Catwoman.

As we bid the boys goodnight, we see Freddie in his nautical-themed seersucker PJs. Well-done, Freddie. My husband thinks he looks a bit like Philip Seymour Hoffman. I have to agree.

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