Flea market finds, a study in grays


On Sunday, we went to the Alameda Flea Market and while we didn’t bring back a haul like last time, I did find a couple of really fun things I thought I’d share.

It’s funny how, as time has gone by, I find myself wanting to buy less stuff. Or maybe I’m still just feeling the effects of having to move all my worldly possessions two years ago and have a deep worry about accumulating too much stuff again. In any case, both Joey and I were feeling very selective at the flea. Him more so than I as he came home empty-handed (unless you count the Italian ice he ate) and me with only three items. All in a black/grey color palette too, for some reason! I swear that was unintentional. But I may or may not be listening to Bauhaus and contemplating mortality right now, so… who knows.


The first thing I bought was this small black bag. At first glance I couldn’t tell if it was a purse or some kind of camera bag, but  when I opened it up and saw a very purse-like interior, I realized it must have been a kind of “lady briefcase” of it’s time. It’s rather business-like on the outside, but it’s made of very soft, lovely leather and has a feminine vibe about it. My guess (and really, it’s just a guess as I am prone to hyperbole and fantasy) is that this was some early “Lady Executive” briefcase. Halfway between a serious man’s briefcase and a trifling lady’s purse.

DSCF0253 DSCF0252

So of course I had to buy it. For historical (invented or otherwise) purposes alone. It also looked like a perfect fit for an iPad (which it is). So modern! If they only knew how truly forward-thinking they were being with this little bag. I just need to ask my friend Vince what I should do to recondition it. It’s got some worn spots, but otherwise it’s in pretty great shape.



The second thing I bought is this black metal trash can with hand-painted ducks on it. I’ve been looking for a nice vintage trash can to replace the aggressively utilitarian Rubbermaid one we had in our bedroom. It’s surprisingly hard to find a good vintage trash can (that isn’t heinously “shabby chic” — wait, is that still a thing? God, I hope that goes away soon) so I was really excited to find this understated, masculine (my husband does still live with me after all) and yet still bright and playful trash can. It wasn’t until I was paying the man that we both realized it was a paint-by-numbers scene on the front. Even better! I didn’t know they made PBN trash can kits — or maybe this was just someone being very inventive?



Lastly, I went by my very favorite eyeglass vendor Allyn Scura. I already have a stupid number of eyeglasses, but I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with changing your glasses as often as you change your shoes. I also have this damn medical flex spending account that I need to use before it runs out, so more eyeglasses it is!


Somehow I got enamored with the boxy Michael Caine section and ended up with these. I really like them though. I’ve been trying to replace my beloved “Midge from Vertigo” glasses that broke a few years back and I’ve still never found a pair that are anywhere near as great. But, I think these capture the spirit of them a little bit. And the spirit of Michael Caine as well. What girl doesn’t want to look like Michael Caine, really?



I tried unsuccessfully several times to take this photo without looking weirdly smug, but I guess this is just how my face looks today. I am weirdly smug today.

And that was it for my flea market finds. We also “found” our friends Jen & Aaron and Baby-Doe & Otto out on the old tarmac. And they had found this haunting painting. Their theme for next year’s Tiki Oasis is going to be Beatnik (I know, I’m so excited too!) so they are getting in the mood. Starting with art!


Photo courtesy of Baby-Doe and the stranger man who took it. Thanks!

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