Too much tiki, too little time

As Tiki Oasis quickly approaches and my giant stash of hawaiian print fabric still sits mostly unsewn, I am beginning to panic a little bit about the lack of time I now have to make all these dresses that I so optimistically planned for this year.

The good news is I managed to finish one last weekend. And it’s probably the most important one as it goes with my amazing new hat and purse set.

photo 1-3

I’ll post better photos of the dress when I wear it at Tiki Oasis, properly accessorized and all, but here it is on a hanger.

photo 4

I agonized over cutting into this fabric. It’s so beautiful and really old and I watched in on eBay for 6 months or more before I even bought it. Then it sat around for another 2 years after that. So when I bought this hat and purse set, I knew I had to bite the bullet and make something with it.

But now with only one sewing day left before we leave for San Diego, I am trying to decide what one dress I should make in the limited time. Do I make so something out of this black and pink fabric that would go so well with my pink puffball hat? It’s not a very traditional hawaiian print, but the background of the fabric does feel very tiki.


Or do I make something out of this bright red floral with ukuleles on it?

photo 5

I will need a red dress to wear with my amazing new red sunglasses hat. (Yes, we found three of them on eBay. My friends Barb and Roxanne now own the other two. That’s not them in the photo. Neither Barb or Roxanne have a sexy beard.)


You may have noticed my outfits are being dictated by hats. I think Doris influenced me more than I realized.

I also bought this festive raffia pom-pom hat. It looks solidly ridiculous on me. I plan to wear it with the matching blue Ui-maikai set I made last year.

photo 2-3

The other fabric I think I may need to use is this black, grey and yellow seersucker. I have recently stockpiled some yellow accessories, so it feels like I really must make a dress. Right?

IMG_4952 IMG_4953

So tell me, which do I make? The pink and black to go with the pink hat? The red ukuleles to go with my red sunglasses hat? Or the cheerful yellow explosion? Curse my procrastination for not making all three already!


And just so you don’t think Mr. Moe is being left out of this hat extravaganza, I bought him this one last week. I know. The fact that he not only will wear this hat but looks so sharp it in makes me a very lucky wife indeed. He has another one with suitcase travel stickers on it, but you’ll just have to wait to see that one.


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