Liberace’s slippers


After watching Steven Soderbergh’s fabulous movie about Liberace and his boyfriend Scott Thorson, Behind The Candelabra, I have become obsessed with finding some little gold house slippers to wear with a breezy caftan around the house. I already have the dilapidated, old dogs that I carry around like babies, and with my recent bangle binge, I could certainly accessorize properly. What woman doesn’t dream of looking just like Liberace!

Ok, maybe most don’t, but when I went on eBay to look for a pair like he wore in the movie, I also came across these amazing beauties. Which, admittedly, are a little less sparkly all while remaining just as fabulous. Because I have ridiculous, impractical child-sized feet, none of these will fit me. So my loss is your gain. I just want them to find good homes! After all, doesn’t everyone need a pair of fancy house slippers? Yes. Yes, they do.


These are probably my favorites. So chic! So dainty. And so close to fitting me, and yet so far.


For your inner genie! Grant me my wish and make them in my size!


Yes, these must seem awfully sedate after the earlier ones, but think of how practical they are! And the red footbed is a very stylish accent.


Speaking of red, check out these red corduroy numbers! With bows. Or bow, rather. Pretend the asymmetry is intentional. You are avant-guard!


Lastly, these baby blue loafers are so sporty. Suitable attire for light home repair even!

So there they are. All currently available on eBay (as of publishing this). Go pick up a pair. Maybe even buy yourself a muumuu or caftan while you’re at it. It’s never too late to start living a life of leisure. Or at least pretending to.

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