A lucky day at the flea

Despite having a terrible summer cold this last week, I rallied all my energy and got ourselves out to the Alameda Flea Market. We love the flea market, though the past five times or so that we’ve gone, I’ve come back empty-handed (or near empty-handed). Since we bought the house, I always went with such specific things in mind and I think I’d psyche myself out so much about finding the perfect thing, that I’d second guess every purchase.

Today I went out with no expectations. Nothing specific in mind. Maybe, loosely, I was thinking of getting some bowling stuff to go with my chic new bowling league lifestyle. But considering I had been lying in bed, coughing and groaning about 10 hours earlier, I would consider it a success if I didn’t pass out on someone’s plastic mascot statue before I got to row J.

Well, no expectations is usually a good thing ’cause I lucked out like I haven’t in years!

First, we found a vanity case that matches our luggage set. We already had one of these, but it was dirty and gross and we always end up not using it. This one was in perfect condition and didn’t stink at all. However, it was $65 and Joey wasn’t sure about buying something so early into our day, but when the guy saw us wavering, he knocked it down to $50. Joey was still unsure, but I told him I’d pay for it AND carry it. Hard to resist that offer.

Continuing the theme of “things we carry” I found this lovely black patent leather purse. My old patent leather purse has been threatening to rip lately and this was only $15, so I went for it. It’s in good condition and is pretty roomy inside.

We wandered a bit more and something bright turquoise caught my eye. Specifically something turquoise with a familiar midgety-ness. Tiny bright blue shoes! Genie shoes! Dead stock! The guy had them in red and black too, but I figured I needed some bright blue shoes in my life. They are actually suede on the bottom too, so I’m tempted to use them for bowling. We’ll see. They may be too awesome to only wear in a bowling alley. My friend Cindy described them as “vintage Toms” which I think is rather apt.

Speaking of Cindy, shortly after buying the blue shoes, we ran into our friends Danny & Cindy and their daughter Sadie. Cindy showed me some awesome loafer bowling shoes she bought, a blue and a red pair, and mentioned that they had two light blue bowling bags at the same booth for only $5! My bowling shoes are light blue and it seemed like I had to get one of these, so they took us back a few rows to find the booth.

For $5 I got this lovely bag, a purple bowling ball (named “Noreen” — Karen, I’m giving this to you if you want it!) and even a pair of white, pointy-toe, moccasin stitch bowling shoes. The shoes are much too big for me (see midget feet reference above), so they are up for grabs if anyone wants them. There is no size marked, but they measure 10 inches long by 3.25 inches at the widest ball of the foot. I’d guess a 7 ish? I’m gonna bring them to league night and see if any of the other ladies can fit into them. Also, not to be forgotten, that lovely bowling towel.

Danny, Cindy & Sadie were clearly good luck charms, as we soon found this amazing seersucker fabric with little green fish on it. FOUR YARDS OF IT TOO! For only $40. That fell easily within my never sew with fabric that costs more than $10 a yard rule. It’s in perfect condition, still crisp from the sizing.

And to stay with my bowling theme of the day, Sadie found this bowling pin with a penguin inside. It’s one of those sno-globe type games where you have to get the rings on his nose. Sadly, the water has gone kinda mucky from the black paint on the penguin after all these years, but I think if we let it settle the water will clear. It was only $5 after all.

Lastly, Joey found this great old book on sewing techniques, put out by Butterick. It’s got some great illustrations inside and seems very user friendly. I figure it might also give me some insight on old sewing methods that have fallen out of use these days.

It was a long hot day in the sun, so we all went to get some food at Califia before soldiering on to Forbidden Island, which was having a car show and patio party that day. I’m not much of a gear-head, but our friend Autumn was working that day and we wanted to say hi. This is where I admit I’m getting old, because even though I really wanted to stay to see The Golden West Trio, who was playing that night, we barely lasted 30 minutes before we started to feel tired, woozy and overwhelmed by the crowds. Ok, I was still recovering from a cold and the sun was pretty brutal earlier that day, but still. We are old. We went home. Another time, Forbidden Island. When I’m not half-sick and we aren’t stinky and burned from a hot day in the sun.

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