This, in a nutshell, is why I learned to sew.


This is me and my friend, Spencer. He’s tall. Maybe 6’2″? Well over a full foot taller than I am. We were discussing proportions today and Spencer said he has a really short torso, that when he sits next to other tall people, he’s often dwarfed by them. Being no stranger to this phenomena myself, I suggested we take these photos.

I couldn’t have predicted how funny the difference would be. I think this photo illustrates how weird and varied our human bodies can be.

I think is also illustrates that if it weren’t for my stubby legs, I would be a large, Teutonic woman. Seriously legs, what the fuck? What were you doing while the rest of me was growing into a normal sized person?

Oh, well. You get what you get. And I happen to have an unstoppable center of gravity. You’ll probably never beat me at wrestling. So, there’s that.

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