4th of July

I love holiday-themed dresses. I once embroidered an elaborate turkey-killing-a-chef scene on a skirt for Thanksgiving. So when I saw this red, white and blue seersucker plaid, I knew I had to make a 4th of July dress out of it. And what better place to wear it than the county fair on a blazing hot 4th of July weekend. This is me and my friend Lila, watching the dog herding trials. Yes, I am wearing a conical hat and am ridiculous. Be jealous.

Along with the dress, I’m going to show you some photos of the fair. I grew up going to this fair and it’s still so much fun to go back after all these years. Below, Lila and Mr. Moe, walking the midway upon our entrance.

It was scorching hot that day (95-100F) so we took a break in the shade and had root beer floats. Suddenly remembering that I needed a full length photo of the dress, I asked Lila to take a shot of me standing awkwardly in front of this dude manhandling an umbrella. I think we nailed it.

I used Simplicty 2886, the same pattern from which I made both the bridesmaid dress and brown dress. I knew I wanted to cut some of the pieces on the bias so the plaid pattern would go diagonal and aside from the pockets, this pattern has some shoulder yokes I could use for that.

I wanted to do something different with the buttons, so I clustered them in two sections. I like it, but I think it would have worked better with smaller buttons. That’s a minor gripe though, as the dress pretty much came out exactly as I envisioned it. That’s the greatest feeling, isn’t it?

Later, we went to the petting zoo and frolicked with friendly livestock. Here’s Mr. Moe making friends with a little billy goat. I have recently become besotted by goats after my coworker (Hi, Anne!) got me hooked on The Fabulous Beekman Boys. If you haven’t watched this show, or read the book, The Bucolic Plague, get to it now. They are city boys turned gentlemen goat farmers and pretty much the best thing ever. And they have made me really want goats. And llamas. And a farm.

While in the “Fur & Feathers” 4-H tent, I saw a girl cooling her chicken in front of the A/C unit. I wanted to take a photo of it, but accidentally had it set on video, but it turned out for the best as it’s really better in live-action anyhow. The bond of a little girl and her chicken is a special thing.

After root beer floats and goats, we went to the giant ferris wheel to get a bird’s-eye view on the fair. Lila sat it out, not being a fan of high places, but took this photo of us with Rob & Autumn, in case we fell to our deaths, so we could remember this moment.

Taking in the sights of my very own bucolic plague. Christ, that’s just stupidly lovely, isn’t it?

Rob & Autumn, enjoying the view.

Mr. Moe, getting cozy with my giant hat.

After the ferris wheel ride, Rob bought a lucha libre mask. Because he’s awesome, he wore it around the fair for the next 2 hours. Considering it was still about 90 degrees out, and the mask muffled his hearing and he couldn’t wear his glasses, it was quite a commitment. But totally worth it.

Near the end of the day, we rode the Yo-Yo as the sun went down. It was a beautiful way to end the day.

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