Not Fade Away

Pardon me while I diverge from my normal sewing-related posts, but I had to share this. That’s me. And Buddy Holly’s glasses. Yeah. I know, right? You can tell in the photo that I’m so excited I’m almost crying.

Last night, the advertising agency I work at hosted an event with Jeff Nolan, the keeper of all the historical music memorabilia for Hard Rock International. They are currently touring the country in this gigantic bus filled with some of the most amazing pieces in their collection and during their stop in SF, Jeff came by our in-house bar to show us some pieces, up close and personal. Along with Jimmy Hendrix’s Flying-V guitar and Brian Jones’ teardrop Vox, he also brought John Lennon’s hand-written lyrics to Imagine, Michael Jackson’s red leather zipper jacket and a braille copy of Playboy magazine that once belonged to Ray Charles. I guess some people really do read it for the articles.

And, the best part of the night, my boss made a special request that he also bring Buddy Holly’s glasses for me. Years ago when we first started working with Hard Rock, I was going through their photo archives and came across a photo of these. For some reason, these really stuck with me. Maybe it’s the personal nature of glasses, or the fact that they are just so freakin’ iconic or maybe it’s just because they’re Buddy Holly’s — for whatever reason, these were the thing I most hoped Mr. Nolan would bring. He wasn’t planning to, but a last minute call as he was leaving the bus and an hour or so later and here I am sitting with them on my lap (in a new dress I sewed yesterday from Simplicity 4528 — see, I worked in some sewing). Damn amazing night.

Oh, and now I can work in some other clothing-related stuff: here I am doing my best Michael Jackson face with the Beat It jacket.

As a kid, I always wondered if those zippers went anywhere. They don’t. And more so, I wondered what material that was on the shoulders. Well, now I know. It’s freakin’ chain mail. And it seems like really well-made chain mail. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising as its motherf@%$ing Michael Jackson, but for some reason I imagined it to be cheap pleather and crappy zippers. Maybe because of all the knocks-offs they made of this thing.

Ok, and here’s the best part of this jacket. They very best most awesome part. Inside the jacket there is a backstage pass for a Liza Minnelli concert. I know… right? Perfect.

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