Fabric finds

No sewing this weekend, but I did stock up on some great fabrics I found in my local fabric shop and online at Denver Fabrics.

The first is this really adorable brown and green fabric with pine cones, leaves and flowers on it. I love the pattern but I’m a little unsure about the fiber content and weave. It’s essentially a polyester charmeuse, which is a satin-like weave. Sort of falls outside of my normal fabric choices and the combination of satin and polyester in a fabric description is worrisome. But it says it’s suitable for dresses, blouses and “drapey” things, so I’m giving it a shot. The print is so great it seemed like a good gamble.

Also at Denver Fabrics, I got this vintage Hawaiian reprint. I can’t see more of the pattern, but it looks almost identical to some fabric I bought several years ago and have since regretting not buying 10 years more of it. I made a dress out of it that I really like, but it, like the black eyelet, is one of those once in a lifetime finds that you just need to stock up on because you know you’ll never see it again. So I think I may actually be seeing it again here, though it appears to have more pink in it that the stuff I bought before. While I”m no fan of pink, I didn’t want to pass up a chance to get more of this print.

Here I am in the dress I made out of the similar print a few years back.

From my local fabric store, I got this relatively more sedate gray and red pinstripe. The stripes weave about in a charming wonky way makes it seem a little more fun that plain old pint stripes. I’m thinking I’ll make an office dress out of this and add some red buttons.

Lastly, I bought some is this blue and black fabric last summer and made a dress out of it. Unfortunately, I made the waist line way too high and it’s also my of my aforementioned “circus tent” dresses, which makes it great for wearing on hot days around the house, but is kind of sloppy looking for any other use. I always want to remake the dress every time I wear it, but I hadn’t seen the print in stores since last summer. Figured I missed my chance. But what should I see yesterday among the quilter’s cotton? I was even wearing the dress I made out of it last year, which made me feel a little silly when I pulled down the bolt and wandered through the store with it. Why yes, I always coordinate with my fabric purchases. Four more yards later and I can now remake this dress in a less tent-like fashion.

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