Fashion Service 4936

I bought this pattern impulsively, under the influence of cold medicine late last night. I’m on the fence about it. It could be charming and seems innocuous enough, but now in the light of day and off the methihistamines, I am beginning to wonder if that bow and neckline will actually make me look quite ridiculous.

Some patterns are made for tall ladies with lots of retail space to diffuse things like a giant bow at your bust. However, on short ladies it adds more of a Santa’s Workshop flair that’s not entirely flattering. It is a mail order half size though, which has never done me wrong yet, so I’ll remain optimistic.

Incidentally, the auction listed this as “Fashion Service 4936” which made me laugh a little. I’m guessing that is the name of the pattern company, but it did evoke an institutional, maybe even militaristic uniform image. Which I guess is fitting, considering my comments in the earlier post about my affection for uniform silhouettes.

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