Sewing for Mrs. Deardorff

Posting pictures of mail order 4843 on facebook led to making another version of it for a fb friend. I generally don’t sew for profit as the amount of money I’d have to charge to make my work worthwhile would be prohibitive and frankly would make me feel silly. So when I sew for other people, it’s purely for the enjoyment of making something that I know the recipient will really love.

Mrs. Deardorff is a huge vintage enthusiast like myself and somewhat close in size to me, so it seemed like a relatively easy and fun job to tackle. The challenges would be that 1) I’d have to size down her version of the dress a size and 2) she lives an hour and a half away from me, so I wouldn’t be able to do any fittings on her. Since it’s a fairly forgiving pattern, I figured it’s be ok it if was a little on the large size. I also didn’t pre-shrink the fabric so if it fits too big on her, she can shrink it in the dryer or hang dry if it fits fine (I use this trick on my own dresses most of the time).

She bought some great Aunt Grace fabric and had it shipped to me. Then I went to work on it the first day I had free. I did a little math and adjusted the pattern to her measurements and began cutting out the pieces. Since this was the second time I was making this pattern, it went together really quickly. It was definitely hard to sew not knowing for sure if it would fit, but hopefully it will work.

It’s off in the mail now, so hopefully she likes it!

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