I finally had a free moment to document the dress I made this last weekend. This week has been nuts, so after a long day of crazy deadlines at work (all successfully met), I’m celebrating by standing in the kitchen like a robot. Now you get the delightful treat of my haggard, beatific-zombie face to pair with this lovely new dress.

My long-awaited pattern, Advance 2878, finally arrived in the mail in time for my weekend sewing. What I couldn’t tell in the eBay photos is that it has a zipper up the back, which is a feature I irrationally dislike in most dresses. A side zipper is just so much more discrete and easy to navigate. Sure, a nice long zipper makes stepping into a dress nice and easy, but it never seems worth it for the marring of the back of a dress. Conversely, and nonsensically, I love a front zipper on a dress. Has to be a house dress though, but I digress.

The pattern also called for gathers at the waist instead of darts. Blousey gathers don’t do my migety frame any favors, so I replaced the gathers with darts and pleats. I also, obviously, moved the zipper to the side and made the back one solid piece. Oh, and here’s my favorite part! I didn’t have a short black zipper on hand, but fortunately I had one in the exact same shade of pink as the details on the dress. Figuring I’d likely never make a full-on pink dress, ever, due to my general revulsion at the color, this seemed like the perfect fun little detail on an otherwise basic dress pattern. I made a lapped zipper to cover most of it, so it’s only visible peeking out if you look at it from behind.

I threw caution to the wind and didn’t make a wearable muslin out of cheap fabric first, using this bright, vaguely atomic fabric, called “birds eye” that I bought on eQuilter. Thankfully, it went together pretty easily and I barely had to make any adjustments (beyond my nit-picky ones mentioned above). However, when I was hemming the dress, nearly the last step, I noticed the notches I cut to mark the pleats for the waist, meaning I had sewn then front skirt panel in upside down, naturally. It seemed to have worked out ok anyhow, but I think next time I’ll try it right-side up, just to be fancy.

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